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Ambassador 2019
Senior setting...bring in three of your favorite outfits....

Lockett Studios is a photography studio specializing in senior portraits. Our high school seniors travel from near and far to experience unique indoor and outdoor settings, which include professional lighting, posing and our popular high fashion black and white style. Schedule your appointment today.

SLE - Sherryl Lockett Exclusive - our popular high fashion black and white style
- you can add this unique look to your senior portfolio.


1 outfit, suggested black outfits or dark colors. Photographed up to 10 poses.

Senior Settings

3/30/Free - 3 outfits, 30 minute reservation time

- 5 outfits, 1 hour reservation time,
includes facebook images 5/50 collection minimum
- 7 outfits, 1 hour and 30 minutes reseveration time, includes
facebook images 7/70 collection minimum

All sessions Include photographing - outdoors, add family members, friends, pets, cars, hobbies.......

don't forget - cars, sports activities, hobby
- personalize your photographs


Be conscious of clothing you are comfortable in. It is important that you are confident in what you are wearing and that it is flattering to your body type. Things to avoid if they are of concern to you:
- avoid over-tanning.
- sleeveless and strapless shirts and dresses will increase the appearance of the size of your arms.

Things you want to be sure and remember:

- you must wear makeup (even if you don't in your day-to-day routine). foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lip color. This is a necessary step in the creation of a fabulous image. You can still maintain a 'natural' look with the right combination of colors. Makeup is great for this type of look. - bring extra makeup for touch-ups, especially powder and lip gloss/lipstick.
- bring a big variety of clothing - color, black, patterns, solids, accessories, shoes, etc. As the ole' saying goes 'bring your entire closet', but it's not far off - we want you to bring several outfits (even though we may not get to all of them) so that we can assist you in selecting the most flattering outfits and the most variety.

What's in style? first and foremost - style begins with YOU. Know your own personal style - classic, feminine, trendy, sporty, traditional, dressy, etc. Then work within that style to put together things that flatter your shape.

Some trends you'll be seeing this coming year (and beyond):

- accessories are BIG this year! think big necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and hair pieces. Put these with simple outfits and pumps and you're all set with an amazing outfit!
- black (ALWAYS in style!)
- nudes (neutrals)
- purple is a big color this year - wear it alone or mix it up with pattern
- brights and primary colors (blue is one of the most flattering tones for any skin type - you can't go wrong with blue!) - solids and patterns
- small floral prints
- watercolor florals
- black and white prints

If you have any questions about an outfit, bring it along! We'll help you with making the best selections with your own personal style. Remember, it's about your once-in-a-lifetime experience and we want you to have the time of your life!

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